Sponsor Announcement – Geekery.in

Geekery.in Another great sponsor for BarCamp is Dominic Hodgson’s Geekery.in

Geekery.in aims to be a hub for events, groups and things happening within the UK. Born from ‘Wheres The Geeks’, they decided on a brand change because they have shifted focus a little. The site is still in beta but will launch properly in the very near future.

Dom himself is well known for attending BarCamps throughout the country, and we are very happy to have his support for BarCamp London. Thanks “Hodge”!

Bonus Ticket Release!

Owing to a small bug with Eventbrite which resulted in several people getting multiple tickets, we are able to offer approximately 15 more for you at 6pm this evening.

Get tickets.

Hope you are successful!

Sponsor Annoucement – Vodafone Group

Vodafone We are pleased to announce another great sponsor for BarCamp London – the Vodafone Group.

Their new product, Vodafone 360 is a single address book for all your contacts from your phone, Facebook, Windows Live and Google. It provides one place to get status updates and stay in touch with your friends. Also included are wide range of Apps, Games and Music for you to enjoy. This all in one experience is accessible from your phone, PC and Mac.

Vodafone are generously sponsoring our party on Saturday evening – thanks!

Sponsor Announcement – Nudge Social Media

Nudge Social Media Another big Thank You to our next sponsors, Nudge Social Media.

They are a cutting edge creative agency working with clients like Sony Playstation, Britvic and Photobox to deliver social network marketing campaigns on Facebook and other social platforms. Social marketing requires brands to twist in order to create natural brand opportunities within consumer to consumer engagements. Nudge’s unique ’social remixing’ technique delivers delighted users, brand engagement on social networks and tangible campaign return on investment. Check out their  latest work.

Sponsor Announcement – lastminute.com labs

lastminute_labs_logoAnother fantastic sponsor announcement for you today – lastminute.com labs

Everyone’s getting more mobile, and this is what the lastminute.com labs team is addressing. lastminute.com customers are not tied to a desk using their computers – they’re out and about, or travelling, or at home on the sofa. They may be using a phone, a laptop, email, twitter, facebook, or the web. To see what really works for these mobile customers, the lastminute.com labs team is continuously designing and launching experimental mobile applications. They are looking at activities in cities, and finding ways to recommend good stuff to do tonight, tomorrow, at the weekend, always relevant to the customers’ location and context.

At this BarCamp the lastminute.com labs team will be revealing two brand-new iPhone apps, both launching in the next month. We look forward to seeing those, and extend our thanks for their generous sponsorship of the event.

Final Round Of Tickets

If you have been unable to get a ticket for BarCamp London7 either via the Hide & Seek or Lottery rounds, don’t despair!

The last round of tickets will be released via Eventbrite at 1pm on Friday 9th October. Like previous BarCamps, this will be on a first come, first served basis so be prepared for high demand and make sure you are there at 1pm on the dot!

Good luck!

Sponsor Announcement – The Proactive Accountant

Our next sponsor of BarCampLondon 7 is The Proactive Accountant.The Proactive Accountant

Proactive specialises in IT professionals and operates a paperless office in the heart of London. Being paperless makes the relationship with the accountant quicker, easier and cheaper, which is surely something you’d be interested in!

For more details of the services they offer, along with their informative blog full of useful accounting and tax-related tips, visit their website. Alternatively you can also follow them on Twitter.

We’d like to thank The Proactive Accountant for their continued support of BarCamp London.

Ticket Lottery Now Closed

Thanks to all those keen prospective BarCampers who have entered the lottery for round 2 tickets.

The draw will take place later today, and we will be in touch very shortly with instructions if you are lucky enough to win. Please make sure you reply ASAP confirming your attendance, otherwise your ticket will be re-allocated – we have lots of people who are keen to come, so if you can’t be there for any reason, let us know and we can give the ticket to someone who can make use of it.

If you have missed out this time, don’t worry. There will be a final round of tickets given out on Friday 9th October starting at 1pm, via the Eventbrite system. Keep your eye on the blog or our Twitter feed for more information!

Sponsor Announcement – Be Broadband

BE Logo Our next sponsor is Be Broadband, owned by O2 but remaining staunchly independent. They have been providing fast broadband since 2005 and were the first premium ISP in the country to provide speeds of up to 24Mbps via ADSL2+.

Be Broadband are very active in supporting the developer community, already sponsoring both UnSheffield and Music Hack Day. We’re obviously delighted that they’re kindly dipping into their pockets once more to support BarCamp London 7.

Sponsor Announcement – The Team

The Team logo We’re pleased to announce The Team as our next sponsor. They’ll be paying for the evening meal on Saturday.

Started by four like-minded creatives in a church hall in Putney in 1984, The Team is now based in Southwark and has grown to 130.

They deliver brand design, websites, marketing and commmunications for numerous high profile clients and have won many awards for their work.

A big thank you to The Team for their support of our event.

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