Sponsor Announcement – Starbucks

Starbucks VIAFor all those coffee-lovers amongst BarCamp attendees, our next sponsor is Starbucks VIA.

Starbucks VIA™ Ready Brew is 100% naturally roasted coffee.  It is real ground, high-quality Arabica coffee sourced from three percent of the world’s top supply of coffee. It’s filter coffee, but made in an instant. It is full-flavoured and rich, subtle, bright and delicious.  Starbucks VIA delivers the same rich body, acidity, aroma and freshness you’d expect from Starbucks. It comes in two varieties; nutty, smooth Colombian and rich, bold Italian Roast.

Starbucks VIA Ready Brew was voted the UK’s “Most Innovative New Product of the Year” following a survey conducted by Allegra Strategies[1] in May 2009.

[1] Allegra Strategies is a London-based management consultancy.  Allegra is recognized as one of the global leaders in coffee sector and foodservice research. 126 industry executives were surveyed by Allegra between 15 April and 1 May 2009.