Registration & Security Information

On Saturday morning, the registration desk will open at 9.30am. IBM operate a secure site policy and therefore we require you to bring along either:

  • Some form of photo ID (e.g. passport, driving licence or student card).
  • A print-out of your BarCamp London 7 confirmation email, along with a bankcard or something official with your name on it.

When you arrive at the venue, you will first be asked to verify your details with IBM security. Once this is complete, you will be issued with an IBM security pass. Afterwards you will be given your BarCamp London 7 badge.

NB: Both your IBM security pass and BarCamp London 7 badge MUST be worn whilst you are on-site at the venue. Failure to wear these could result in you being asked to leave by IBM security or a member of the BarCamp London Crew.

This process will be the same during registration on the Sunday for those who are either attending on the second day only or have stayed outside the venue overnight. Be aware that registration on Sunday starts at 9am GMT, and that this is after breakfast is served.

Registration Queue Jumping

If you’d like to pass through registration quicker, we’d recommend that you bring a print-out of the email which was sent out on Wednesday morning (21st) along with you, particularly the section containing your name and custom bar code.
Please note that we’ll still require you to bring ID, as stated above.

Getting To The Venue

Please find more info on this on the BarCamp Essential Information page.