BarcampLondon8 is on its way!

If your interested head over to

Registration & Security Information

On Saturday morning, the registration desk will open at 9.30am. IBM operate a secure site policy and therefore we require you to bring along either:

  • Some form of photo ID (e.g. passport, driving licence or student card).
  • A print-out of your BarCamp London 7 confirmation email, along with a bankcard or something official with your name on it.

When you arrive at the venue, you will first be asked to verify your details with IBM security. Once this is complete, you will be issued with an IBM security pass. Afterwards you will be given your BarCamp London 7 badge.

NB: Both your IBM security pass and BarCamp London 7 badge MUST be worn whilst you are on-site at the venue. Failure to wear these could result in you being asked to leave by IBM security or a member of the BarCamp London Crew.

This process will be the same during registration on the Sunday for those who are either attending on the second day only or have stayed outside the venue overnight. Be aware that registration on Sunday starts at 9am GMT, and that this is after breakfast is served.

Registration Queue Jumping

If you’d like to pass through registration quicker, we’d recommend that you bring a print-out of the email which was sent out on Wednesday morning (21st) along with you, particularly the section containing your name and custom bar code.
Please note that we’ll still require you to bring ID, as stated above.

Getting To The Venue

Please find more info on this on the BarCamp Essential Information page.

Sponsor Announcement – Nokia

Nokia N900The BarCamp London team are pleased to announce our final sponsor, Nokia.

The N900 is Nokia’s new high performance touch screen mobile computer. It is based on Maemo, an advanced Linux-based operating system. This open-source platform enables the Maemo community to modify and continually develop software without license restrictions and fees meaning more choice for users and more freedom for developers.

The device also features a powerful Mozilla browser giving full access to rich interactive Flash content plus a multi-tasking dashboard to enable easy tap between open apps and ongoing conversations.

Check out the new Nokia at BarCamp on Saturday the 24th October.  Developer Gary Liquid will be there to demo the device for anybody who wants to learn more. He’ll also talk about developing specifically for the N900 and the work he did on a N900 powered onedotzero installation recently shown on the Southbank.

Are you coming to BarCamp London 7?

Over the past few days we have sent a confirmation email to every attendee asking for you to confirm your coming to BarcampLondon7 next weekend. To help us estimate numbers for food and beer it is very important that you let us know your definitely coming or not by 6pm on Tuesday (20th October).

If you have not received an email please get in touch via @barcamplondon or email

Sponsor Announcement – Guardian Open Platform

Our next sponsor need no introduction, especially if you attended BarCamp London 6 at their offices back in March.

The Guardian News and Media (GNM) are one of the UK’s most successful and innovative media companies. They publish both the Guardian and Observer newspapers, as well as

Their Open Platform and Datastore projects puts them in a unique position in the media and among online data repositories. Their open approach of providing APIs, accompanied by client libraries in the web’s most popular languages and swathes of online documentation, makes them a great choice for sponsoring events such as ours.

Many thanks to the Guardian for offering to sponsor BarCamp London 7.

Sponsor Announcement – PayPal

paypal-blogpostWe are pleased to announce another fantastic sponsor, PayPal.

PayPal is the world’s leading online payments provider. They work closely with startup businesses  in more than 190 countries to enable payments and generate revenue on their web sites.

They’re the first global payments solution provider to open their API, allowing developers the opportunity to monetise their applications across social media, web and mobile platforms.

PayPal is launching a number of systems to improve payment systems for online businesses and it is hoped the BarCamp London 7 attendees will benefit from these new features and their broad experience in online payment handling.

Sponsor Announcement – Starbucks

Starbucks VIAFor all those coffee-lovers amongst BarCamp attendees, our next sponsor is Starbucks VIA.

Starbucks VIA™ Ready Brew is 100% naturally roasted coffee.  It is real ground, high-quality Arabica coffee sourced from three percent of the world’s top supply of coffee. It’s filter coffee, but made in an instant. It is full-flavoured and rich, subtle, bright and delicious.  Starbucks VIA delivers the same rich body, acidity, aroma and freshness you’d expect from Starbucks. It comes in two varieties; nutty, smooth Colombian and rich, bold Italian Roast.

Starbucks VIA Ready Brew was voted the UK’s “Most Innovative New Product of the Year” following a survey conducted by Allegra Strategies[1] in May 2009.

[1] Allegra Strategies is a London-based management consultancy.  Allegra is recognized as one of the global leaders in coffee sector and foodservice research. 126 industry executives were surveyed by Allegra between 15 April and 1 May 2009.

Reserve List Open

BarCamp London is always hugely over-subscribed. We hate to disappoint anybody who hasn’t got a ticket, so have now opened a reserve list where you can sign up to be informed about any last minute returns that we may have.

We may contact you at any time between the time you fill in the form and the day of the BarCamp to offer you a ticket. Please note that completing the form does not mean you will automatically get a ticket. And if you turn up at the event without a ticket you will be refused entry.

Once again, we are asking that anyone with a ticket who finds they can’t make it for whatever reason, please let us know by emailing – even if this is on the day itself.

The sooner we know, the better. Your ticket can then be allocated to someone who is sure they can come along.

Sponsor Announcement – Nexus Globalnet

Nexus Globalnet LtdOur next sponsor is Nexus Globalnet. From short range building-to-building links to secure, resilient, full-duplex links over several miles, they’ll work with you to plan and deploy your wireless network. They also supply indoor solutions, whether it be a single hotspot or complete building coverage.

Their newest product is Broadband Powerline, which enables data to be delivered over existing power cabling at up to 200Mbps! This is an ideal solution for entertainment complexes, apartment buildings, time-limited shows such as festivals and concerts and warehouses or buildings where running structured cabling is
not an option, such as listed and heritage sites.

We are pleased that Nexus have offered us their expertise, and will be installing a complete wireless network within the IBM Southbank offices for our exclusive use over the BarCamp weekend. This should make the internet connectivity at BarCamp London 7 the most reliable yet!

One of the Nexus engineers, Wil Currie, will be on-site with us the entire weekend so make sure you say ‘Hello’ to him at some point!

Sponsor Announcement – JISC

JISCOur next sponsor is the Joint Information Systems Committee – or JISC for short.

JISC inspires UK colleges and universities in the innovative use of digital technologies and has initiated and funded a large number of projects in the area of software development in education.

Recently, they’ve supported a number of projects through their Rapid Innovation programme. These are community-based and work over short time spans with small teams developing solutions together with end users. There are presently over 40 of these projects in progress in many areas such as Mobile Applications (e.g. Android and iPhone), Mashups (e.g. RSS/Atom feeds, blogs and tags) and linked data (e.g. human relationships and academic communities).

They are also working closely with UKOLN on a new project called the Developer Community Supporting Innovation – DevCSI which offers support to software developers working in Higher Education. DevCSI is directly organizing and/or supporting (through sponsorship) networking and community building opportunities for developers such as face-to-face technical and non-technical events, workshops, smaller more agile events (e.g. BarCamps), training opportunities, technical prototyping events, showcasing and demonstration events to highlight the work and value that software developers bring to Higher Education. The DevCSI project team will be organising the next Developer Happiness Days due to take place next Spring. If you are interested in the DevCSI project, please contact Mahendra Mahey.


You may be interested to know that JISC have a meeting space on Waterloo Bridge (just across the river from the IBM Southbank in Brettenham House. They will gladly make this available free of charge to small open developer groups who want to put on their own mini BarCamp-style events (for upto 40 people!) – they’ll even provide the pizza! Interested parties should contact David Flanders for more info!

We are pleased to have JISC and DevCSI as sponsors of BarCamp London 7. They are directly supporting the attendance of a number of developers from UK Higher Education to the event.

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