Sponsor Announcement – lastminute.com labs

lastminute_labs_logoAnother fantastic sponsor announcement for you today – lastminute.com labs

Everyone’s getting more mobile, and this is what the lastminute.com labs team is addressing. lastminute.com customers are not tied to a desk using their computers – they’re out and about, or travelling, or at home on the sofa. They may be using a phone, a laptop, email, twitter, facebook, or the web. To see what really works for these mobile customers, the lastminute.com labs team is continuously designing and launching experimental mobile applications. They are looking at activities in cities, and finding ways to recommend good stuff to do tonight, tomorrow, at the weekend, always relevant to the customers’ location and context.

At this BarCamp the lastminute.com labs team will be revealing two brand-new iPhone apps, both launching in the next month. We look forward to seeing those, and extend our thanks for their generous sponsorship of the event.